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A Grave Situation
180px-Godfather gravesituation 01
Conflict: None
Date: 1945
Place: Little Italy
Outcome: Corleone victory

Corleone family

No affiliation


At the wedding of Connie Corleone to Carlo Rizzi, undertaker Amerigo Bonasera visited Vito Corleone to ask for his brand of justice to be meted out on the two men who beat and raped his daughter Maria. After Bonasera swore friendship, the Don assured him that he would have his vengeance.

Grave retributionEdit

"Please... I won't do it again..."
―Kevin Moonan[src]

Vito gave the job to Peter Clemenza, who in turn assigned his new man on the rise, Paulie Gatto to deliver the actual beating. Gatto met with his associates Marty Malone and Aldo Trapani in The Falconite social club before making their way to Bonasera's, where the two young men were catcalling Maria.

The first young man, Jerry Wagner, was beaten up in the nearby alleyway, whilst Maria's ex-boyfriend, Kevin Moonan, fled into the graveyard. Here he was pummeled before being thrown into an open grave.
Godfather - Grave situation (with commentary)03:52

Godfather - Grave situation (with commentary)

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