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A Recipe For Revenge
Virgil Sollozzo game
Date: 1948
Place: New York
Outcome: Corleone victory

Corleone family

Tattaglia family



All forces

"What I want, what's most important to me, is that I have a guarantee. No more attempts on my father's life."
―Michael Corleone[src]

Following the assassination attempt on Vito Corleone and the kidnapping of Tom Hagen, the Corleones had been plotting to avenge themselves on Virgil Sollozzo.

Finally Peter Clemenza came up with a plan, send Michael Corleone to meet with Sollozzo and his police bodyguard Captain McCluskey and kill them with a concealed weapon. He discovers the location of the meeting, which Salvatore Tessio realised was perfect for their enterprise, as it would be easily possible to place a concealed .38 Snub Nose behind the toilet cistern.

Michael was driven to Louis Restaurant where he retrieved a gun placed behind the toilet by Aldo Trapani, before shooting Sollozzo and McCluskey in the head and fleeing to a car driven by Tessio.

Behind the scenesEdit

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