Alexander Dominski
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Tattaglia
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Serge Houde (voice)
"I look forward to much success with the Corleone family."
Alexander Dominski[src]

Alexander Dominski was the owner of The Ambassador.


A friend of Philip Tattaglia since his childhood and arrival in America, Dominski became known for opening The Ambassador, a hotel and social club in Brooklyn that gained a bad reputation after Tattaglia's men began to use it as an unofficial base of operations. His friendship to the Don and fear of Donnie Marinelli lead him to remain silent about some of the unsavoury activities that took place in the building. Dominski was also a violent man, threatening Aldo Trapani and eventually taking out a gun and attempting to murder him when he tried to take over his business in 1946.

In 1946, Marinelli was bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat in his club, and Dominski was forced to hand over his business to Aldo Trapani.


The name "Dominski" is a Polish surname meaning that Alexander was probably a Polish immigrant.

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