Almeida crime family
In: Cuba
Founded by: Esteban Almeida
Years active: 1921-1959
Territory: Havana
Ethnicity: Cuban
Criminal activities: Racketeering, arms smuggling, chop shops, extortion, prostitution
Allies: Fidel Castro's rebellion, Roth syndicate
Rivals: Trapani, Corleone, Granados, Mangano crime families

A Cuban based family and ally to the rebel cause, the Almeidas became prominent after Esteban Almeida helped Fidel Castro and his rebellion get into power. He achieved an agreement which allowed him to gain a monopoly on organised crime and made his family rising in power thanks to his share in the adult entertainment venue Corazon de Oro, which was frequently visited by American VIPs, with the condition that the family would not become involved in political affairs and has a political immunity about his illegal activities. They later became involved with Hyman Roth, who had been looking for a foothold back into Cuba since the downfall of President Batista. Their family color is lime green.

In 1959, Almeida began a war against the Corleones after Dominic unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate Castro . However, they were ultimately defeated and wiped out by the Corleone family, who took their massive fortress compound in Cuba as a reward.

Don Esteban Almeida


Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Almeida crime family is only seen in the second video game.
  • They are fourth most powerfull family in The Godfather 2.

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