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Ambush at Richie's Tavern
Carmine and Frank
Campaign: Trapani - Rosatos War
Date: 1959
Place: Richie's Tavern, New York
Outcome: Carmine Rosato failure:

Trapani crime family

Carmine Rosato's family


Frank Pentangeli

Carmine Rosato
Police Marshal †



few Rosato hitmen
several policemen


1 kidnapped

many of both

The Ambush at Richie's Tavern was a failed assassination attempt on Frank Pentangeli by Carmine Rosato.

Background Edit

After several of Carmine Rosato's businesses were captured by the Corleones, Carmine Rosato planned for a fake peace conference at his joint, Richie's Tavern. Michael Corleone wanted for Frank to make his peace with the Rosato Brothers, who were thorns in his side after forming their own factions following the death of Corleone caporegime Peter Clemenza.

Battle Edit

Carmine started a conversation of how he was happy about the deal, stalling them as a Rosato hitman garroted Pentangeli. However, a police officer entered the scene and Dominic was able to shake off his captor. However, for all he knew, Pentangeli was dead. Dominic headed up the staircase and vaulted over rooftops to shake off the police pursuit. After firing several shots at the police, he ended up swinging into his safehouse's window, and then he headed to the Corleone mall to speak with Michael, whom Dominic thought had set him up.

Trivia Edit

  • In the video game, Dominic is added to the scene, as he does not appear in the movie.
  • The police escape on the rooftops was instead, in the film, replaced by a similar scene where the Rosato Brothers have a shootout with the cops as they flee the restaurant.
  • In the game, it is not Tony Rosato who garrotes Frank, he is replaced by a random hitman. This is probably because he had his own family and was managing business in Miami.
  • In the video game, it is also that hitman who says "Michael Corleone says hello!"

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