Angelo Perroni
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1906
Affiliation Cuneo family (formerly)
Stracci family
Title(s) Hotel manager
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Bruce Robertson (voice)
Joe Bellan (voice- Next-Gen)
"Those Straccis got what they deserved, and so will the Corleones. From now on, all the protection money I was paying to Straccis, belongs to you. Thank you."
―Angelo Perroni[src]

Angelo Perroni was the owner of the St. Alban's Hotel in Midtown.


A friend and associate of the Stracci family and younger brother of Mikey Perroni , Perroni allowed the family to use his hotel when they needed to 'go to the mattresses'. This arrangement was peaceful until the mid-stages of the Five Families War, when the Straccis, having begun to lose to the Corleones, attempted to open a racket on the upper floors. Perroni was distressed, and offered Aldo Trapani control over the hotel's protection if he would remove Stracci's men. Trapani complied, and the hotel became the Corleones property.

This did not stop Victor Stracci from using the hotel as a base in 1955, and it was here that he was killed by Trapani and Peter Clemenza.

Behind the scenesEdit


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