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Angelo Romero
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Sonny Corleone's gang
Corleone family
"What were we thinking? That we were in the comic books, that we couldn't really get hurt? I must have been dreaming, that's what it feels like, we all must have been dreaming, like we couldn't really get hurt."
―Angelo Romero[src]

Angelo Romero was a member of Sonny Corleone's gang and twin brother of Vinnie.


Working alongside his brother, Angelo joined Sonny Corleone and several other neighborhood hoods pulling small heists, later becoming involved with the dreaded Luca Brasi and his gang, paying them a cut of their earnings in exchange for assistance and weapons.

During the assassination attempt on Sonny's father Vito, Vinnie was killed and Angelo, heartbroken, cut off all ties with Sonny, refusing money given as a condolence. However it is never revealed why the twins were at the parade as Tessio's regime was not given the responsibility of security during the parade.

Personality and traitsEdit

Good humoured and good-natured, Angelo was the quietest of the gang and also one of the most handsome, being dubbed "Pretty Boy Floyd" by the others. When he lost his brother, he was distraught and coldly informed Sonny Corleone he cursed the day they met.

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