This article is about the book character. You may be looking for his film counterpart.
Anthony Stracci
Biographical Information
Aliases Don Stracci, Black Tony
Gender Male
Born Sicily
Affiliation Stracci family
Title(s) Don

Anthony "Black Tony" Stracci was the Don of the Stracci crime family.


Don Anthony Stracci was an old-fashioned Don from Staten Island, Anthony had strong views on prostitution, believing it to be an immoral practice. Stracci began his businesses in the 1930s, posing as a legitimate hauling company in New Jersey along with his brothers Victor and Mario, before eventually spreading out to become leader of one of the Five Families.

He was present at the wedding of Connie Corleone and Carlo Rizzi, sitting at the same table with the other heads of the families.

Role in the warEdit

Anthony embraced the the move into the heroin trade as the families looked for alternative sources of capiital with the repeal of prohibition. Stracci understood why the Corleones killed Sollozzo but did not agree with the Killing of Captain McCluskey and the undue consequences it bought to all five families. Stracci was present at the sitdown where the families convinced Don Vito Corleone to accept drug trafficking in his territory and guarantee peace. His family was seen as the weakest of Corleone's enemies at this point.

After the warEdit

Following the war, Stracci remained an ally of the Corleones, who sued for peace along with fellow survivor Ottilio Cuneo. He was also an old friend of Nick Geraci, who attempted to use Stracci and Frank Greco as part of a plan to resign Michael Corleone from the Commission, but Anthony relayed this information to Michael, who had Geraci executed.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the novel Don is Anthony, while in the film Don is his elder brother Victor. In the novel only Barzini and Tattaglia are killed, while Anthony Stracci remained an ally to the Corleones. In the film, however, Stracci is killed along with the other dons, which is likely the reason his name was changed to Victor.
  • Here, he is also Don of the Staten Island group, whereas in the game he is Don of New Jersey, which in the books is run by the DiMeo crime family.
  • In the film timeline, Anthony is presumably the Don who succeeds Victor.

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