This article is about the Little Italy branch. You may be looking for the Hell's Kitchen branch.
Arezzo Seafood
Business information
Location Allen Street and Eldridge Street
Proprietor Alfredo Arezzo
Proprietor Weakness Grabs and strangles
Maximum Protection $1,495
Racket Boss Billy Delveccio
Racket Boss Weakness Threatening with firearms
Maximum Extortion $995
Venue Difficulty Easy
Racket Difficulty Very easy
Family Tattaglia,Corleone

In 1945 Alfredo Arezzo and Billy Delveccio is forced to pay money to the Corleones.Arezzo Seafood was a fish market in Little Italy run by Alfredo Arezzo. Business was booming until the early 1940s when Billy Delveccio and his boss Rocky Della Barca took over and made it a wholesale distributor in their liquor smuggling operations in Little Italy. Merchandise would arrive at Verona Warehouse, travel through Global Trading and end up at Arezzo's where it was distributed to customers.

Fall and riseEdit

But before long the Tattaglias fell into disorganisation and Delveccio was soon forgotten. Billy slacked on his job since his family really did not check up on him anymore and his business declined. Alfredo started losing business due to the shady deals going on in his shop which fell into disrepair.

However, in 1945, Aldo Trapani, under the command of Luca Brasi, took over the business for the Corleone family. Happy with the leadership change Alfredo and Delveccio gained renewed vigor for their racket and business and all around upkeep of Arezzo Seafood.