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Arnold Rothstein
Arnold Rothstein
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born January 17, 1882
New York, U.S.
Died November 4, 1928
New York, U.S.
Affiliation Jewish Mafia
"I've loved baseball ever since Arnold Rothstein fixed the World Series in 1919."
Hyman Roth to Michael Corleone[src]

Arnold Rothstein was a New York businessman, gambler, and a famous kingpin of the Jewish Mafia.


Arnold Rothstein became known when he was widely reputed to have been behind baseball's Black Sox Scandal, in which the 1919 World Series was fixed. He was the first who saw in Prohibition a business opportunity, a means to enormous wealth, and understood the truths of early century capitalism and came to dominate them.

Rothstein transformed organized crime into a big business, run like a corporation, with himself at the top. One of his first associates was Lucky Luciano and he was inspired by Hyman Roth, who adopted Rothstein's name.

Rothstein was murdered by a rival gangster in 1928 after having a gambling dispute.

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