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Assassination of Fidel Castro
Campaign: Miami conflict
Date: 1959
Place: Havana, Cuba
Outcome: Failed assassination of Fidel Castro

Trapani crime family








The assassination of Fidel Castro was an attempt by Hyman Roth to regain Cuba.

Background Edit

On December 31, 1958, Fulgencio Batista resigned from office as the President of Cuba, ruining the meeting that would divide Cuba between the dons of the Corleone crime family, Granados crime family, Mangano crime family, and Almeida crime family. Fidel Castro took control, but many still opposed his rule. Dominic was sent by Henry Mitchell, an American CIA operative, to kill the dissidents to gain Castro's trust so that he would be invited to the presidential palace. Maria Torres would act as his translator for a meeting with the president, and she let him stay at a room in the palace. That night, he snuck out.

Attempt Edit

Having all of his belongings stowed away, including all of his ammunition, Dominic had a sniper rifle placed near the center of the palace, atop a balcony overviewing where Castro would walk through. Dominic, using a garrote, killed several guards before acquiring a silenced pistol from one of his targets. He eliminated two Cuban soldiers at the staircase that led to the balcony, before taking up the sniper and picking off Castro as he entered the area. However, there were already soldiers there, and Dominic was set up by Hyman Roth after all. Esteban Almeida, a Cuban crime lord and general, shouted out to wherever Dominic was, that he was coming for him. Dominic went loud with his weapons after recovering them, fighting his way out of the palace, against Almeida hitmen and Cuban soldiers. He got into a Cuban army transport and drove to the airport, where he made his escape. Roth and Almeida arrived to see his plane fly away, and Roth stated to Almeida that Dominic would pay for his actions. Roth was also informed that the president was still alive, even after being his square in the heart.

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