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Assault on Global storage
Global storage
Conflict: Trapani - Mangano War
Date: 1959
Place: Flamingo, Miami, Florida
Outcome: Trapani victory

Trapani crime family

Mangano crime family





1-7 Trapani family member(s)

25 guards




The Assault on Global storage was major conflict between the Trapani crime family and the Mangano crime family, which provoked the Trapani - Mangano War.


After Dominic and Don Samuele Mangano formed an alliance between their families, someone tried to kill Dominic in his Florida safehouse. Fredo Corleone - who was there at the time of the assassination attempt - blamed the Mangano crime family and told Dominic to take over their only warehouse in country: Global Storage. Dominic took Fredo's advice, and he gained access to the island by doing a favor for Charlie Green. After invading the island, Dominic with his crew killed all Mangano defenders, set main warehouse on fire, convinced owner to gave the place to Trapanis and send their own soldiers to guard the racket.


Mangano immediately called Dominic to a meeting in a warehouse on Dodge Island, and there, his consigliere announced that the Mangano family would be taking over all Trapani businesses, thereby escalating the war between the two families.

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