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Attack on the Almeida Compound
Conflict: Trapani - Almeida War
Date: 1959
Place: Havana, Cuba
Outcome: Trapani victory

Trapani family

Almeida family



Esteban Almeida


Dominic's crew

Almeida Consigliere Angel de la Paz
Almeida family Associates



All forces

The Attack on the Almeida Compound was the final battle in the Trapani - Almeida War, one that saw a decisive victory for the Trapani family.


Following the Trapani family's takeover of the Almeida businesses, all the family's men were withdrawn to their compound in Havana. Whilst they prepared to defend their stronghold to the death, Dominic selected a loyal crew to attack, favouring a stealthy approach as oposed to an out and out shootout that would cost Corleone lives.

The attackEdit

Dominic led his men through the southenr archway and eventually fought his way into the compound, despite heavy resistance. Upon reaching the compound, he engaged in a shootout with Esteban Almeida and managed to eliminate the rival Don once and for all, seizing his personal Vintovka SR-98 from the Don's desk. Dominic then ordered one of his men to destroy the compond, before fleeing.

The Compound was later rebuilt and seized by the Trapanis, whilst Almeida's surviving men surrendered unconditionally.

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