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Attack on the Carmine Rosato's compound

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Attack on the Carmine Rosato's compound
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Conflict: Trapani - Rosatos War
Date: 1959
Place: New York City, Brooklyn
Outcome: Corleone victory
Trapani victory

Corleone family
Trapani family

Carmine Rosato's family



Carmine Rosato


Dominic's crew

Carmine Rosato's enforcers †




Attack on the Carmine Rosato's compound was middle battle on Trapani - Rosatos War


Dominic took all of Carmine Rosato's business and all Carmine Rosato's men are forced to defending their compound and Dominic resumed his attack to Carmine's compound.

The AttackEdit

Dominic and his men continued their assault against Carmine Rosato to his compound, where all of his guards (and made men if some are still alive) and himself focused their last stand against the Trapani family. Their defense however was not successful as Dominic and his crew stormed through his men, before finally killing and eliminated Carmine along with his family by blowing up his compound.

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