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Attack on the Mangano Compound
Conflict: Trapani - Mangano War
Date: 1959
Place: Miami, Florida
Outcome: Trapani victory

Trapani family

Mangano family


Dominic's crew

Mangano family Consigliere Paulo Riccitello
Numerous bodyguards



All Mangano forces

The Attack on the Mangano Compound was the final phase in the Trapani - Mangano War that saw the total defeat of the Mangano crime family in America.


Upon the arrival of the Manganos in America, Michael Corleone suggested Dominic make an alliance with them. Dominic agreed, but was soon after attacked by hitmen, which he was told (by Fredo Corleone) were Mangano's. Furious, Dominic attacked Global Storage and the Mangano war began.

Sometime after, Dominic discovered that Mangano was innocent, and that the assasination attempt had in fact been arranged by Hyman Roth to turn the two against each other. But by this time it was too late, and Dominic was forced to attack the Mangano Compound itself.

The assaultEdit

After eliminating Mnaganos businesses in Miami and Havana, Dominic and his crew attacked the compound, aking their way down the boulevard and round the back of the main building. Despite encountering heavy fire, they made their way into the kitchen and up through the house, picking up a Delta M1911 pistol along the way.

Upon reaching Samuele Mangano, a gunfight ensued in which Dominic was forced to bitterly take the life of his former ally. He then sent a Demolitions Expert to destroy the gas main, and ran from the building before it was consumed in fire and Samuele's Consigliere Paulo is died.

Upon the buildings reconstruction, the Corleones claimed it for themselves.

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