Baldo Campi
Biographical Information
Aliases Da Becchino
The Gravedigger
Gender Male
Born 1920
Died 1959
Havana, Cuba
Affiliation Tattaglia (formerly)
Title(s) Soldato
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Ralph Peduto (voice)

Baldo Campi (Campi was dressed Green Coat) during the Trapani - Mangano War.

Baldo Campi was a caporegime in the Mangano family.

Biography Edit

A Capo under Giorgio Strozzi. He earned the nickname 'Da Becchino' or 'The Gravedigger' due to his tendency to make victims dig their own graves before he executed them.

Whilst reviewing a new property at Mantanzas Construction, he was ran down by Dominic Corleone.

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