Baron Reisenberger
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born Germany
Affiliation Barzini
Title(s) Club Owner
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Serge Houde (voice)
"I look forward to much success with the Corleone family."
Baron Reisenberger[src]

Baron "Von" Reisenberger was the owner of The Colonial Club in Midtown.


An eccentric German individual, Reisenberger went into business with Carmine Barzini during the Thirties, a business deal that proved profitable for all concerned, with Reisenberger paying protection to the Barzini family.

In the mid Fifties, Midtown came under fire from Aldo Trapani, who had Reisenberger pay his percentage to the Corleone family instead.

Behind the scenesEdit

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