Barzini Compound
Business information
Location East 79th and Park Avenue/Fourth Avenue
Proprietor Emilio Barzini, Sr.
Racket Boss Emilio Barzini, Sr.
Venue Difficulty Very Hard
Family Barzini family

The Barzini compound (often referred to as The Palace) was built after Emilio Barzini, Sr. visited Jack Woltz's mansion in Los Angeles. As well as appearing attractive, it was also considered virtually impregnable.

However, the compound was breached by Aldo Trapani in 1955, when the Barzini family had been crippled by the loss of most of their family members.

Behind the scenesEdit

44 copy 2

The compound in orginal version The Godfather the game

In the original version of The Godfather: The Game, all the compounds resembled each other, and a bomb had to be placed in the basement to take them over. In the update, the second building could be conquered by blowing up Don Barzini's bedroom on the first floor.

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