Vlcsnap-2010-06-20-22h37m35s71 "Eh, come here; come here; come here; come here, come here; come here; come here..."
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Battaglia Cement Depot
Business information
Proprietor Pedro Gonzalez de la Vega
Proprietor Weakness Jabs and punches
Maximum Protection $1,625
Venue Difficulty Hard
Family Almeida

The Battaglia Cement Depot was one of four Battaglia businesses located in Havana, Cuba, this one run by Pedro Gonzalez de la Vega. Like the other Battaglia businesses it fell into the hands of Esteban Almeida following the fall of Fulgencio Batista.

In 1959, Dominic attacked the Depot with several of his best men and took over the business for himself.

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