Bella Siciliana
Business information
Location Broadway and East Houston Street
Proprietor Davi Quezado
Proprietor Weakness Threatening innocents
Maximum Protection $1,500
Racket Boss Paulie the Peel
Racket Boss Weakness Reasoning/Intimidating
Maximum Extortion $1,000
Venue Difficulty Easy
Racket Difficulty Medium
Family Tattaglia

A high class restaurant on Broadway in Little Italy, Bella Siciliana served genuine Italian food and was run by Davi Quezado. However, in 1945, the restaurant began to lose custom due to the arrival of Tattaglia enforcer Paulie the Peel. Quezado put up with him out of convenience, but was freed later in the year when the Corleone family began taking back Little Italy, and bought Paulie out.


Due to it's prime location, Bella's was a common location for attacks from rival families.

The Stracci family try to take this place a lot of times.

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