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Bethany Aquitane
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Chloe Clifford
Alison Pill

Bethany Aquitane was the daughter of Athena Aquitane and Boz Skannet.



Bethany and Athena.

Born with acute autism, Bethany had problems relating to other people and disliked noise and physical contact, other reacting violently to disruptions in her life. She was, however, a very talented artist even from a young age. Her mother kept her at a secret clinic in San Diego in the care of Doctor Gerard, in order to prevent her from becoming the subject of media attention.

Bethany and CrossEdit

Bethany and Cross

Cross and Bethany in exile.

As Athena grew close to Cross De Lena she took him to meet Bethany, and the two eventually developed a strong bond. Bethany went with her mother and Cross to Paris in 1997, moving back the following year with her nanny Josie Cirolia after Athena was killed with a bomb meant for Cross. Unbeknownst to Cross, Cirolia was actually an FBI agent, and she would have continued to spy on him unimpeded had Bethany not accidentally revealed her recording device to Cross.

Behind the scenesEdit

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