Bev Geraci
Biographical Information
Gender Female

Bev Geraci was the daughter of Nick and Charlotte Geraci and sister of Barb.


A strong swimmer, Bev was with her grandfather Fausto when he was interrogated by Al and Tommy Neri. Even though Al was a feared killer he was careful not to hurt Bev but he accidently struck her on the head with a pole whilest trying to get her out of the pool.

After retrieving her unconscious form, Al kept Bev in a seperate room guarded by Tommy whilst he interrogated Fausto but the young hothead Tommy fired his gun in the air to scare Bev so Al and Tommy had to make a quick escape to avoid neighbours and the authorities being alerted to the gunshot.

Bev recovered from her head wound and was at Fausto's side when he died in hospital as was Fausto's second wife.

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