Billy Goff
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Died 1954
Affiliation Corleone (ties)
Chicago Outfit
Falcone (ties)
Title(s) Associate

Billy Goff was a corrupt member of Hollywood's labor union and was associated with the Mafia in New York and Chicago.


Known as the most powerful man in the movie labor unions, Goff reported to Jack Woltz, but was known to occasionally ally with the Corleone family for large fees. He attempted to negotiate with Woltz on the family's behalf, but was unsuccessful and the matter was dealt with by Tom Hagen.

Goff later attempted to muscle Johnny Fontane, who was attempting to become a movie producer. While Fontane intended to pay Goff, he eventually found there was no need, as Goff was shot to death in his home in Glendale by Al Neri.

Real life sourcesEdit

Billy Goff is based on Willie Bioff, who was labor leader in the movie industry in Hollywood with close ties to the Chicago Outfit.

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