Birdie Nightingale
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Tattaglia family
Corleone family
Title(s) Hotel manager
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Amanda Moody (voice)
"You want to end up six feet under? Then pay me what I want."
"Okay, I see what you're saying!
Aldo Trapani and Birdie Nightingale[src]

Birdie Nightingale was the manager of the Saint Martin Hotel.


A pleasant woman, Birdie was easily intimidated into giving Rocky Della Barca and the Tattaglia family into allowing a gambling racket to be set up in the penthouse of her hotel. She was more than happy to turn over her cut to Aldo Trapani in 1945 in return for his protection.

Nightingale was given extra protection in 1946, following the murder of Freddie Nobile in her hotel's basement.

Behind the scenesEdit

She was voiced by Amanda Moody.

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