Bobby Corcoran
Biographical Information
Aliases Cork
Gender Male
Born 1916
Died 1934
Affiliation Sonny Corleone's gang
Title(s) Associate

Bobby 'Cork' Corcoran was the brother of Eileen Corcoran and a good friend of Sonny Corleone.


After his parents died when he was only young, Bobby was taken care of by his elder sister Eileen, who also had a daughter, Caitlin. Family life was made more difficult after Eileen's husband Jimmy was killed in a spat with a fellow dockworker. To help his sister out, Bobby often went on stick-up jobs with his friend Sonny, who was sleeping with Eileen behind his back.

In 1934, Bobby accidentally shot Vito Corleone whilst trying to protect him from Irish gang member Stevie Dwyer. Even though Sonny knew Bobby accidentally shot his father he still chose to kill his childhood friend Corcoran. However the timing of the shot the wounded Vito is impossible, as in the time it would take Dwyer to pull the trigger, Corcoran called out to Sonny and observed his reaction, pulled out his gun, chambered a round, aimed at Dwyer and fired.

Personality and traitsEdit

Garrulous and warm-hearted, Bobby exhibited all the positive traits of a stereotypical Irishman. He was also fiercely loyal to his family, and it was only after insulting his sister Eileen that Sonny Corleone was able to provoke Bobby into attacking him. Sonny used this as justification for killing him.

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