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Bobby Marcolini
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Died 1948
Affiliation Cuneo
Title(s) Soldato
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Gavin Hammon (voice)
"Nobody who hangs out with family men is innocent."
―Bobby Marcolini[src]

Bobby Marcolini was a Cuneo family soldato.


A Cuneo soldier under Ronnie Tosca, Marcolini was known to be a violent man who often took out hits against non-combatants. He was also known to give out loans to merchants who couldn't afford to pay them off, merely so he could intimidate and bully them until they paid off, or until his own family had to call him off. Tosca was constantly having to reprimand Marcolini for his activities, but realised he could be a valuable asset during the Five Families War.

The HitEdit

"He mixed his personal affairs with business, and now one of my guys is dead. Make it look like an accident, no bullets in the body, kid."
―Peter Clemenza orders the death of Bobby Marcolini.[src]

In 1948, Marcolini attacked one of Peter Clemenza's associates, in a personal attack, which angered the old caporegime. At this time he also began extorting businesses across Little Italy in order to weaken the Corleones.

Marcolini was found beating up Moose T. Gamille, one of his debtors, when he was thrown off a bridge by Aldo Trapani, acting under Clemenza's orders. The Cuneo family were summarily whittled down by Clemenza and Trapani, signaling the beginning of their end. The hit had not been sanctioned by the family, but they were secretly pleased with the turn of events that followed.

Behind the scenesEdit

Marcolini was one of the five hit targets to have an original character model others being Ray Scaleri, James Scaleri, Pietro Testa. He was voiced by Gavin Hammon.

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