Boolie's Bakery
Business information
Location Canal and Bowery Street, Little Italy
Proprietor Boolie Bonnard
Proprietor Weakness Throws, slams and leans
Maximum Protection 1,500
Racket Boss Ralphie Finkerelli
Racket Boss Weakness Hand-to-hand strikes
Maximum Extortion 1,500
Venue Difficulty Easy
Racket Difficulty Easy
Family Cuneo

Boolie's Bakery was a bakery in Little Italy which was run by Boolie Bonnard. It was used as a front for a smuggling racket run by Cuneo family associate Ralphie Finkerelli until 1945. Like several Cuneo businesses in Little Italy, it was considered to be something of a pushover, protected only by it's proximity to the police station.

In 1945, Aldo Trapani paid a visit and the business changed hands, becoming property of the Corleones.

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