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Bowery Hotel
Business information
Location East Houston Street and Pitt Street, Little Italy
Proprietor Bill Shipp
Proprietor Weakness Threatening innocents
Performing favour
Maximum Protection $3,000
Venue Difficulty Hard
Family Barzini

The Bowery Hotel was a slightly run down establishment in Little Italy run by Bill Shipp and funded by the Barzini crime family, who were attempting to subtly make a move into the neighborhood. In 1945, Bill called upon Aldo Trapani to rid him of several troublesome guests. Trapani did so, and he was given a cut of the hotel's earnings in return. He later bought a hotel room on the second floor for $20,000 dollars.

The ratEdit

In 1950, Corleone associate Marty Malone insisted that there was a rat in the hotel leaking information to the FBI. He eliminated the agent, who was guarded by several Barzini thugs, before being revealed as a traitor himself.

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