Buzz Fratello
Biographical Information
Gender Male
"You know the definition of dirty guinea? An Italian gentleman who just left the room."
―Buzz Fratello[src]

Buzz Fratello was a nightclub entertainer.


A friend of Johnny Fontane's in Nevada, Fratello began his professional life as "the cafone on the saxophone" before becoming a stand-up comic and marrying Dotty Ames who became part of his act, which they dubbed The Starbright Soap Variety Hour.

Fratello took a contract at The Kasbah, a hotel bankrolled by the Chicago Outfit, though he did not receive the Mafia stereotyping that plagued his friend Fontane.

Behind the scenesEdit

He may be based on Las Vegas performer Louis Prima, who married a woman much younger than he was and also went into the show business together. Both Prima and Fratello shared the same vocal style (described in the book as "singing like a negro with a mama-mia Italian accent"). However, Fratello played the saxophone while Prima played the trumpet.

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