Biographical Information
Gender Female
Born United States
Title(s) Duchess of Crotone
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Barbara Sukowa

Camilla was the Duchess of Crotone.


Born in the United States, Camilla was a White Anglo Saxon Protestant from a wealthy background who married the Duke of Crotone. This was largely a marriage of convenience, and Camilla had numerous affairs. She was a close friend of Sandro Borsa, the Prince of Sicily, who had been one of her partners, and spent most of her time on his estate near Montelepre.

Camilla and GiulianoEdit


Camilla with Salvatore Giuliano.

Although she did not realize it at the time, Camilla witnessed the birth of a legend when she saw Salvatore Giuliano and his cousin Gaspare Pisciotta, engage in a shootout with two carabinieri which left one dead and Giuliano wounded.

Some time later, Giuliano and his band robbed Borsa's estate and Camilla seduced the bandit, initially trying to keep her jewels, before giving him a ring she claimed had been her father's. The jewellery, save for this ring, were returned to her by Hector Adonis, Giuliano's godfather, at the behest of Don Masino Croce.

Personality and traitsEdit


Camilla with Prince Borsa.

A headstrong, flirtatious woman in a land where women were expected to hold their tongue and support their husbands, Camilla knew how to use her feminine wiles to get what she wanted. She was somewhat reckless, showing no fear of either Giuliano or Don Croce, both of whom admired her tenacity. But despite this exterior, she had a heart, and urged Giuliano to give up his cause, fearing he would become just another martyr.

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