Canio Silvestro
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Sicilian Army
Salvatore Giuliano's band
Title(s) Corporal
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Michael Wincott

Canio Silvestro was a Corporal in the Sicilian army.


Becoming a corporal in the army in the late Forties, Silvestro was assigned to the barracks at Bellampo, which is where he first encountered Salvatore Giuliano, who spared him whilst freeing a number of captives, including Terranova and Passatempo.



Silvestro at Giuliano's mercy.

For his failure at Bellampo, Silvestro was disgraced by the military and sought to join Giuliano's band. Whilst the bandit was initially suspicious, he agreed after the former Corporal informed them that Frisella, the local barber, was actually an informant.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the film, he is played by Michael Wincott.

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