Carmella rotunda
Carmella Rotunda
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Corleone
Title(s) Associate
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Cynthia Marcucci
"I hope my arrangement with the Don means we'll see each other more often."
―Carmella Rotunda[src]

Carmella Rotunda was an associate of the Corleone family and co-owner of the Embassy Club.


Orginally a dancer at a Brooklyn Nightclub, Carmella worked her way up from just a lowly waitress from Brooklyn, Carmella became co-owner of the Embassy Club after Salvatore Tessio required a plausible fronts-person to shake off any police raids or investigations.

Carmella was distrustful of Tessio but enjoyed the male company, preferring to serve Corleone men drinks than just strangers of the street. In return for a convincing front to his shady business dealings, Tessio did not allow a racket to be established in The Embassy Club.

When Tessio planned to betray Michael and the Corleones, Carmella preferred to wait out this conspiracy, determined to remain nuetral should the play succeed or fail. She made sure to be entirely absent when Tessio set up his ambush, feigning shock horror at his mysterious disappearance from the Club. She was a women who knew when to keep quiet about the business, as she was often present when Tessio gave out hits to Aldo Trapani, and as a reward was given the business by Rocco Lampone after the family's move to Nevada.

Behind the scenesEdit

She is voiced by Alison Ewing.

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