Carmine Loviero
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1909[1]
Affiliation Mariposa family

Luca Brasi's gang

Title(s) Enforcer

"Little" Carmine Loviero was a soldato in the Mariposa family.


A childhood friend of Benny Amato, Carmine was persuaded by personal friend Jojo DiGiorgio to set up Amato and Joey Daniello when they arrived in New York City to kill Vito Corleone. Loviero and DiGiorgio meet Amato and Daniello at the trainstation and direct them into the car in which Luca Brasi is waiting. DiGiorgio gets in car before taking the hitmen away to be executed.

It is unclear what happens to Loviero after the fall of of the Mariposa family but is likely that he joins Brasi's crew in the Corleone family given his ties to DiGiorgio and other Mariposa captains.

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