Carmine Rosato's Compound
Business information
Location Shoreside, Queens, New York
Proprietor Carmine Rosato
Racket Boss Carmine Rosato
Venue Difficulty Hard
Family Carmine Rosato's family

Carmine Rosato's Compound served as a home to Carmine Rosato and a meeting place between him and his family members in New York. It was more modern than Tony Rosato Compound. Carmine's compound was found opposite of La Maison Rouge.

The Compound had small searchlights on small buildings within the compound and the Mansion in Carmine's compound also had searchlights. Carmine's Compound was the only rival compound to have a fuse box that could be disabled with the use of a made man with engineering skills, and by disabling the fuse box, th
The godfather ii screens

The compound being blown up.

e searchlights switched off, but it would still be difficult sneaking in, as Carmine's guards were everywhere. The compound was later taken by Dominic, after Carmine was killed.

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