Carmine Rosato's family
In: New York
Founded by: Carmine Rosato
Years active: 1958-1959
Territory: The Bronx, Brooklyn
Ethnicity: Italian, Italian-American, Irish, Irish-American
Criminal activities: Prostitiution, Narcotics, Racketeering, Extortion
Allies: Tony Rosato's family
Rivals: Trapani and Corleone crime families

Carmine Rosato's family was a one of two splintergroup of the Rosato crime family, led and founded by Carmine Rosato. Carmine's ambition caused him to split from the Corleones following the death of Pete Clemenza and the refusal of his successor, Frank Pentangeli, to give them territory they felt was owed to them. Carmine Rosato's family color is orange.

After the death Aldo Trapani, Carmine took control over several key New York rackets, namely drugs, prostitution and boxing. His empire began to crumble soon after under attack by the Trapani family.

Carmine called Dominic Corleone to have a sit down and discuss the problems they have. Howerver during the meeting Carmine has Frank Pentangeli strangled with a garotte but he suvived. Frank was found by the police and later took the matter to court and broke the omertà.

Furious, Dominic Corleone seized Carmine's remaning bussineses and killed his soldiers and blew up his compound after executing Carmine himself.
Crosato headshot

Don Carmine Rosato


Behind the scenesEdit

Carmine Rosato's family only appears in the video game. In The Godfather Part II, there is no mention of him having his own family, but rather having a rogue faction with his brother.

His family is also the only one that never fights against other families, because he is already killed by Dominic by the time the other areas are unlocked.

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