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Carmine Tattaglia
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Tattaglia
Title(s) Associate
"You'll be sorry - I'm protected!"
―Carmine Tattaglia[src]

Carmine Tattaglia was the youngest of the Tattaglia brothers, and owner of The Tunnel Club.


The younger brother of Philip Tattaglia, Carmine was one of the better-organised Tattaglias, moonlighting as a legitimate club-owner, but working for the rackets on the side.

Following the death of Bruno Tattaglia, Carmine helped appoint the new underboss in 1948. Shortly after, Carmine's home at The Tunnel Club was attacked, the underboss killed, and Tattaglia was forced to change allegiance.

The middle Tattaglia, Rico, took over the family after Don Philip's death and Carmine continued to run his club, having no desire to succeed his brother as Don in 1962.

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