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Cesare Indelicato
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born ca. 1900[1]
Affiliation Indelicato clan
Title(s) Don
Capo di tutti capi

Cesare Indelicato was the capo di tutti capi in Sicily and head of the Indelicato clan.


Coming to power after the fall of Mussolini and the culling of the Mafia that he unleashed, Cesare Indelicato used his power to become capo di tutti capi over the families in Palermo. He was a friend and ally of Vito Corleone.

Indelicato was one of the Mafia members who were not banished to the prison island of Ustica by the Fascists. During World War II, Indelicato had emerged as one of the leaders of the Resistance. Via Lucky Luciano, Indelicato had secretely met with the American intelligence agency to provide intelligence that laid the groundwork for the invasion of Sicily. After the war, Indelicato was elected to the Italian Parliament.

Indelicato and GeraciEdit

Through Nick Geraci, Indelicato was the Corleone family's main supplier of narcotics. He also provided them with native Sicilians who helped Geraci with distributing heroin throughout the United States. In 1961, Indelicato helped Nick Geraci arrange the death of Salvatore Narducci, the turncoat consigliere to Don Vincent Forlenza. Indelicato had the aged advisor murdered and hung up in a monastery in Sicily as a warning.

In 1964, he called an end to the use of the Bocchicchio clan as negotiators, following the death of his godson Carmine Marino, as many of the clan's members had died.

He also offered Michael Corleone a position in Propaganda Due.

Real life sourcesEdit

Cesare Indelicato has some traits that are common with Salvatore Inzerillo and Bernardo Provenzano.


  • The name indelicato is drawn from the word indelicate.

Notes and referencesEdit

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