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Change of Plans
Campaign: Five Families War
Date: 1950 (video game)
Place: Jones Beach Causeway and The Tunnel Club, New York
Outcome: Tattaglia victory

Corleone crime family

Tattaglia crime family


Aldo Trapani

Tattaglia Underboss


Sonny Corleone


Following Carlo Rizzi's beating of Connie Corleone, there was a Change of Plans for Sonny Corleone, who was chizzeling away at the Tattaglia crime rackets.

Battle Edit

Sonny planned to go to a bank an that laundered Cuneo money, but Salvatore Tessio informed him of Rizzi's beating of his sister, and Sonny sped out in his car to Rizzi's place. However, soldato Aldo Trapani boosted off after him. He chased him to the Jones Beach Causeway, where he was killed and assassinated him by assassins, while the Tollbooth Attendant dropped his change, shielding him from the bullets. Aldo arrived too late, but he chased his assassins in a car. He chased the assassins and the attendant to a Tattaglia hangout, which he had to fight through. After a long gunfight with the Tattaglia guards, Aldo managed to locate the attendant and interrogate him. He stated that it was not the Tattaglias, but another rival family. They paid him in full cash for the hit, and he said that they had a club on the West Side.

At The Tunnel Club, Aldo found the Tattaglia Underboss and his young girlfriend, and found out that it was the Barzini crime family that placed the hit on Sonny. He informed Vito Corleone, the don of the Corleone crime family, about this, and Vito organized a peace meeting, but that meeting did not officially end the war.

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