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Charlie Green
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1895
Affiliation Corleone crime family
Title(s) Union Boss
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Robert Ernst (voice)

Charlie Green was a union boss in Miami, Florida and he is one of soldatos of Corleone crime family. He could often be found at the Plaza del Mar.



Dominic threatening Charlie Green.

A union boss and a longtime associate of Fredo Corleone in Florida, also he is one of soldatos of Vito Corleone Green was contacted following a supposed hit by the Mangano crime family on Dominic Corleone. Green assisted Corleone by lowering the bridge to Mangano's business, Global Storage, in return for the death of his competitor, Hector Santos.

Later, Corleone returned to Green and received a second assignment from him, to kill his money grabbing wife. Corleone complied, and Green promised to repair any of Corleone's businesses that had fallen into disrepair.

Behind the scenesEdit

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