Chateau Leive
Business information
Location 34th Street and Madison Court
Proprietor Gurn Bluntstone
Racket Boss George Jovino
Family Corleone

The Chateau Leive was a hotel in Midtown Manhattan run by Gurn Bluntstone and protected by the Corleone family.

After he had proven himself loyal to Don Vito Corleone, associate Aldo Trapani was given a room on the second floor of the hotel by consigliere Tom Hagen, who said that the Don was disappointed that he could not make it.

Aldo and his girlfriend Frankie Malone live here until 1950. Following Trapani's attacks on the Tattaglia family, Bruno Tattaglia ordered his and Frankie's murders in the Chateau Leive. Though Bruno's assassins failed to kill Aldo, they did manage to kidnap his girlfriend, taking her to the St. Michael Archangel church in Brooklyn, where Bruno personally killed Frankie. With Sonny Corleone's help, Aldo was able to make Bruno pay for his actions, throwing him into the furnace at Tito Morelli's.

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