Corazon de oro
Corazon De Oro
Business information
Proprietor Maximo Mones
Proprietor Weakness Physical Threats
Racket Boss Maximo Mones
Racket Boss Weakness Physical Threats
Maximum Extortion $1, 560
Family Almeida

Corazon de Oro (Spanish for "Heart of Gold") was a brothel in Havana, Cuba run by Maximo Mones. It was the only business of its kind in Havana, the rest of the crime ring was located in Florida, managed by Rico Granados. The Almeida crime family had the monopoly of criminal activity in Havana following a clandestine deal with Fidel Castro, and as such they managed Corazon de Oro until its forceful takeover by Dominic.

Many of the Corleones hung out here following its takeover, including Charles Visconti, Roy Mancini and Jack Pucci.

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