Corcoran's Perch
Business information
Location Fourth Avenue and 23rd Street, Midtown
Proprietor Buddy Corcoran
Racket Boss Laydown Leighton
Family Corleone

Corcorans Perch was a bar run by Buddy Corcoran. It was a frequented by many members of the Corleone family like Sonny Corleone, Marty Malone, and Angelo Granelli, aka "The Trojan". It was also where Granelli gave Aldo Trapani his first hit contract, against Stracci soldato Plinio Ottaviano.

Monk Malone and Aldo also used the bar for secret meetings. it brought in a sizeable income for the Corleones due to a minor gambling racket run by Laydown Leighton, which also housed a prizefighter, plus the legitimate income from the bar which was quite a popular social attraction.

In 1955, the bar was used as a safehouse by Aldo Trapani following his execution of Moe Greene.

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