Corrupt Officials are people, usually in police and political influences. In second video game, Dominic is capable of doing favors for some officials, usually with favors in return. All rewards for each favor can be called at anytime.


  • Stings - these favors are used to call in arrests for a rival family, mostly it is used to keep the most dangerous made man in jail.Given by DAs, and some judges.
  • Rapid Recovery - these favors allow Dominic to recover his members instantly without waiting. Given by some G-men.
  • Rebuild Bombed buildings - these favors allow you to quickly rebuild all bombed businesses immediately, especially that if a racket is part of a crime ring. Given by union bosses.
  • Call of Police - these favors allow Dominic to be given time to complete extorting rackets, commit murders, bombing rackets without police distraction. Given by Police Chiefs and Detectives.
  • Early Release - these favors allow Dominic to get his Made men out of prison immediately.

List of OfficialsEdit

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