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This article is about the criminal organisation. You may be looking for the bloodline.
Cuneo crime family
In: New York City
Founded by: Ottilio Cuneo/Carmine Cuneo
Years active: 1920s-present
Territory: Manhattan, The Bronx and Brooklyn[1] in NYC. Other territories are Upstate New York, New Jersey, Miami and Las Vegas
Ethnicity: Italian, Italian-American
Membership: 110-150 made men, around 1100 associates
Criminal activities: racketeering, illegal gambling, contract killing, drug trafficking, extortion, bribery, loan-sharking, money laundering, theft, fraud, conspiracy, hijacking, arms trafficking, prostitution, counterfeiting, smuggling and fencing
Allies: Corleone, Stracci, Barzini and Tattaglia crime family
Rivals: various street gang in NYC, sometimes its allies

The Cuneo crime family is one of New York's Five Families.




Don Carmine Cuneo.


Leo Cuneo.

The Cuneo family was founded by Ottilio Cuneo and started as a bootlegging operation ran out of The Bronx and upstate New York in the 1920s. Their front company was a fleet of milk trucks that delivered across the city, which earned their Don the nickname of 'The Milkman'. He consolidation was in the 1934, with the Five Families and Commission's foundation

The Cuneo family had businesses in New York City mostly in Manhattan and The Bronx. However, it was also active in Upstate New York, mainly Buffalo. In this area it run for all gambling and bookmaking operations and exercised veto power on state licensing of racing tracks, but also arranged smuggling of Italian immigrants from Canada. The Cuneo was also active in New Jersey.

at the end of 1930s, the Cuneos were involved in the narcotics distribution in all NYC, along the Barzini, Stracci and Tattaglia crime families, but not the Corleone crime family, thta refused the drug business until 1948.

In the novel

In the novel, the Cuneo crime family's boss is Ottilio "Leo the Milkman" Cuneo.

Cuneo was present at the wedding of Sonny Corleone, where he danced with his wife and young daughter.

However, the Cuneo family was very important during the Five Families War against the Corleone crime family (1946-1948) for the drug trafficking's legitimation, when its played a very important role for its strategic power and the resistance for the attacks by the rivals. Shortly after Sollozzo's murder, some Cuneo's hitmen killed two top soldier of the Corleone family in Greenwich Village, during a meal. Ottilio Cuneo was present during the 1948 Mafia meeting for conclude the war, where he made it a point that the future drug business would not involve children in any way.

After the death of Vito Corleone in 1955 and the rise of Michael, Ottilio Cuneo and Anthony Stracci were the only boss survived at Michael's rivals epuration, that included Emilio Barzini, Philip Tattaglia, Moe Greene, Carlo Rizzi and Fabrizio (helped bu the Cuneo same). Cuneo take advanteged of this situation for take the control of other territories in NYC, included Manhattan, Brooklyn and probably the Queens, as Anthony Stracci. The media reported his power conquest as a coup d'état against the Tattaglia and Barzini crime families.

In 1963, Ottilio Cuneo organized a meeting with the other families of the Commission for debate of the Michael Corleone's retire, but the authorities do a barge in the meeting, that brought to the arrest of various bosses, cripple the Don Cuneo's legitimate figure and discovered his criminal interests. After the meeting, Ottilio was imprisoned for conspiracy and deceased in prison.

In the film

In the film, the Cuneo crime family's boss is Carmine Cuneo.

In 1946, the Cuneo family became involved with the Tattaglia family against the Corleone family in the Five Families War. The war claimed several of their key members, before Vito Corleone called a hasty peace after the death of his son, Sonny. He was present during the 1948 meeting, in the Philip Tattaglia's front.

In 1955, Don Cuneo himself was visiting one of his hotels, the Tesla Hotel. However, as he was leaving the building, Cuneo was trapped in the revolving door and killed by Corleone soldato Willie Cicci.

Cuneo was replaced as head of the family by Leo Cuneo. During Leo Cuneo's reign the Cuneo family invested heavily in hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, particulary those that were owned by the Corleone family, making Cuneo a multi-millionaire. But his fortune was shortly, becaus Leo was murdered in 1979, during the Atlantic City Massacre.

Historical Leadership


Boss (official and acting)



In the video game

"You can trust a Cuneo, but mess with their business then you're dead."
―Joey Blazes[src]

In The Godfather: The Game, the Cuneos are known as honorable, but also as cunning battle strategists and deadly warriors. Their family members are indicated with red suits.

Cuneo family structure in the video game

 Don Carmine/Ottilio Cuneo 

 Underboss Marco Cuneo

 Consigliere Luciano Fabbri

 Caporegime Ronnie Tosca

 Soldato Bobby Marcolini

 Associate Lorenzo Allegro

 Associate Ralphie Finkerelli

 Associate Bobbie Cappalinni

 Associate Bobby Baretta

 Associate Carlo Collini

 Caporegime Mario DeBellis

 Soldato Enzo Cuneo

 Associate Noodles Rizzoni

 Associate Jerry the Spaniard

 Associate Enrico Grosser

 Caporegime Artie Manzanero

 Soldato  Cuneo Capo

 Associate Cuneo Racket Boss

 Caporegime Michael Costa

 Soldato  Unknown

 Associate Nicholas Klaus


The Cuneo crime family could be based on the Lucchese and Magaddino crime families. As the Lucchese crime family, the Cuneo family is distant from the general public and the authorities' radar, and it's mainly active in The Bronx and New Jersey, historical Lucchese territories. As the Magaddino from Buffalo, which also ran upstate New York and had close ties to the New York families and its is the responsable of the 1963 Mafia meeting (inspired by Apalachin meeting of 1957) that was the cause of the arrests of various bosses of the Mafia. Also, Ottilio/Carmine Cuneo is inspired by Tommaso "Tommy" Gagliano and Stefano "The Undertaker" Magaddino, because he was born in 1883 (Gagliano was born in 1884) and was the third boss of NYC in 1940s and was very active in Buffalo and Upstate New York (as Magaddino, that controlled the gambling operation this area).


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