D. Cooper
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Died 1950
Affiliation FBI
Title(s) Special Agent
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Gavin Hammon (voice)
"What the fuck are you doin'? We had a deal, Malone!"
―Domenico Cooper before being shot by Monk[src]

D. Cooper was a Special Agent with the FBI.


An FBI Agent assigned to the organized crime division and assigned to bring down the Corleone family by any means necessary. Cooper made his base at the Bowery Hotel in New York. Following the murder of Frankie Malone at the hands of Bruno Tattaglia in 1950, Cooper approached Malone's disillusioned brother Marty, who agreed to become an informant for the FBI and began leaking information about the Corleone family.


However, Malone's treachery was soon discovered by the Corleones in late 1950, following Michael Corleone's return from Sicily. Fearing that the Corleones were onto him, Malone murdered Cooper with three shots to the chest to prevent the agent from telling the Corleones that Malone had been ratting them out. He was unaware that Michael Corleone had anticipated that the traitor would assassinate Cooper, and ordered Malone's friend Aldo Trapani to execute him.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • He was voiced by Gavin Hammon.
  • Cooper's name can be surmised from the documents on his wall, which list him as the agent who 'turned on' Marty Malone.