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Dale Mangano
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Stracci family (ties)
Corleone family (ties)
Mangano family
Title(s) Grocer
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Amanda Moody (voice)
"Don't hurt me, I'll pay!"
―Dale Mangano[src]

Dale Mangano was a grocer from Hell's Kitchen.


Owner of Dale Mangano's in Hell's Kitchen, along with her husband, also called Dale Mangano, she sold the vegetables produced by her husband at his farm out of town. Business was profitable until the Stracci family decided to set up shop in Dale's backroom, running a gold racket under the watch of Wiggles Normann.

Normann's watch on the business came to an end at the close of the Five Families War, when Dale began paying her percentage to Aldo Trapani, who ensured a smoother running of operations.

Behind the scenesEdit

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