Darlene DeMatteo
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Cuneo family
Corleone family
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Deborah Ben-Eliezer (voice)
"Calm down, you'll get your dough!"
―Darlene DeMatteo[src]

Darlene DeMatteo was the owner of After Hours.


A pleasant and easy-going woman, Darlene concealed the fact that Cuneo family gangsters led by Jerry the Spaniard protected her business in order to maintain a respectable facade. The result was profitable for both parties.

In the later years of the Five Families War, the club was taken over by Aldo Trapani, shortly before the attack on the Cuneo Compound.

Behind the scenesEdit

She was voiced by Deborah Ben-Eliezer.

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