Business information
Location Grand Street and Mott Street, Little Italy
Proprietor Dino DeMantagna
Proprietor Weakness Using Punches
Maximum Protection $745
Venue Difficulty Very easy
Family Tattaglia,Corleone

In 1945 Dino DeMantagna is forced to pay money to the Corleones.DeMantagna's was a barbershop in Little Italy, ran by Dino DeMantagna. It was taken over by the Tattaglia family in the early 1945s, much to Dino's chagrin. He was most grateful when the Corleone family took over instead, as it had previously been their hairdressers of choice. The takeover was orchestrated by Luca Brasi and his young protege Aldo Trapani, who removed the Tattaglia hoodlums forcefully from the premises. Two days later, Trapani visited this barbershop in order to tell his superior, Marty Malone about the death of Luca Brasi. This meeting coincided with an attack on the life of Don Corleone, and Dino was sent to the hospital with a chest wound. He subsequently made a full recovery.

Behind DeMantagna's is where black market dealer Franco Demartini can usually be found.