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Weapon Information
Featured InThe Godfather: The Game
AvailableMidtown Manhattan
Price$500,000 (PS2. PSP. Xbox, PC)
$400,000 (Xbox 360, WII, PS3)
Ammo Count750 in original version, 700 in next-gen version
Level OneTommy Gun
Level TwoModified Tommy Gun
Level ThreeDillinger
Level FourSpectre Minigun
The Dillinger was a level three Tommy Gun that could be bought from a merchant in Midtown. The merchant was located at 42nd Street and 3rd Avenue. It packed a powerful punch and was favoured by the elite guards of the Barzini crime family. It could be upgraded to the Spectre Minigun.


  • It is likely that this weapon is named after the notorious depression-era bank robber John Dillinger. His gang robbed over a dozen banks and is said to have escaped from Crown Point Jail using a fake pistol carved from wooden shelving.

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