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Domenico Mazza
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1892
Died 1954
Affiliation Mariposa
Title(s) Underboss
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Damian King (voice)
"I guess ya should have hired better bodyguards."
"You must be insane, thinking you can get away with this! Don Barzini will not stand for this, if the cops don't nail you first!
―Aldo and Mazza[src]

Domenico Mazza was the Barzini family's consigliere and one of two underbosses of Mariposa crime family.


Mazza served as a loyal consigliere to Emilio Barzini, Sr. from the founding date of the family and godfather of Emilio Barzini, Jr.. Although considered to be a healer to the Barzinis, he was a very paranoid man. Due to his paranoia and to his influence in the family, he had an army of bodyguards protecting him from hits.

However, this was to be his undoing, as one of his bodyguards was bribed by Aldo Trapani, who led Mazza into a false sense of security.

Whilst walking in Bryant Park, Mazza was gunned down from a car driven by Trapani and filled with several trusted Corleone family enforcers.


At Mazza's funeral, family underboss Emilio Barzini, Jr. was also slain by Trapani, who planted a car-bomb on Barzini's vehicle.

 Hit Detail Edit

Mazza is a difficult target to hit, as expected from a Barzini hit target and a Consigliere. He is very tough and can cause high amount of damage even in high player level. True to the details, he does possess a lot of guards with toughness that surpass the generic Barzinis.

In the original game, you will have to bribe one of his guards on the entrance. Each guard are only at Soldier rank and brings a pistol, which is anticipated to be killed in an instant, to more of your annoyance they need $10,000 to be bribed. However, considering the bonus condition gives you more money than you spend it may be worth it.

In the newer versions, hiring crew members are cheaper than bribing. Plus, with your rank as Caporegime, your family is already quite strong maybe equal or stronger than Cuneo members which gives you great advantage, making the hit is actually less difficult. However, the player should also be wise to pick up a vehicle that can surivive through a lot of damage, as the Barzinis will shot very fast and the vehicle may explode quickly.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the original version of The Godfather: The Game, Mazza's hit condition depends on bribing a bodyguard to assist you. In all subsequent versions, you must get a crew member in the car and have them kill Mazza in a drive-by.
  • He was voiced by Damian King.
  • He shares the same character model as Diamond Boswell, but he has got a mustache.

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